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10 Summer Safety Tips for Pets

10 Summer Safety Tips for Pets
June 26, 2024

Summer is here, and we are ready for fun in the sun! However, taking extra care of your pets during hot weather conditions is crucial to keeping your pets safe and happy this summer. Warm weather activities can pose a danger to our furry companions for a variety of reasons, but following these expert tips will help your summer be pawsitively memorable! 

Here are some important tips to ensure the safety of your pets this summer:

  1. Never leave your pet in a hot car. The temperature inside a car can increase drastically within minutes, which can quickly lead to heatstroke and death.  It is best to leave your pets at home on warm days, and if it is necessary to travel with them, ensure that they have access to water.
  2. Protect your pet's paws. Walking on hot surfaces can burn their paws and increase body temperature. If surfaces feel hot to the back of your hand, they are too hot for a pet to walk on! Consider limiting your walks to cooler hours of the day, walking on grass, and outfitting your pet with booties.
  3. Provide plenty of water and shade. Although it’s best to limit your time in high temperatures, make sure your pets have access to fresh water anytime they are outside to avoid dehydration. While outside, keep your pet in the shade as much as possible to avoid direct sun exposure.
  4. Recognize the signs of heatstroke. Heatstroke is a dangerous and life-threatening condition. If you see signs such as excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, or collapse, move your pet to a cool area, apply cool (not cold) water to their body, and seek emergency veterinary care.
  5. Don’t shave your pet. Instead, talk to a groomer to see if a haircut is right for your pet. For some breeds, fur can prevent sunburn and actually keep your pet cool in the summer heat!
  6. Protect your pet from sunburn. Yes, pets can get sunburned too! Pets with white fur, hairless pets, and pets with thin fur are especially susceptible to sunburn. Sun protective clothing is a safe and practical way to prevent sunburns in high-risk pets, or we can help you find a sunscreen that is safe for your pet. 
  7. Be cautious with food and drinks during backyard barbeques. Remember that certain foods like grapes, onions, and chocolate can be harmful to pets. Alcohol even in small amounts is toxic to pets, so mop up any spills quickly and keep pets away from beverages. 
  8. Keep your pets away from fireworks. Not only are the loud noises frightening and unsettling to pets, but they also contain harmful chemicals and can lead to injuries and burns if your pets get too close. 
  9. Be water wise. If you are going to be around pools, lakes, or beaches with your pet this summer, we recommend a life jacket for your pup. Remember, not all pets are strong swimmers, and a life jacket can give even the strongest swimmers added protection.
  10. Be aware of parasites and insects. Planning to make memories with your pets while camping or hiking? Be sure to check them for ticks, fleas, or signs of skin irritation. If you aren’t sure if your pet is up-to-date with flea and tick prevention or need to order more, give us a call at (414) 476-3544.

Summer can be an enjoyable time for pets and their owners. By following these summer safety tips, you can prioritize your pets’ safety and comfort all season long. 

Do you have questions about keeping your pets safe and healthy this summer? Call us at (414) 476-3544 to book your next visit!